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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My doctor referred me to one doctor but I have been booked to see a different doctor. Why is this?
    All ophthalmologists in our practice are equally qualified. You will not be able to choose which doctor you see. You will be booked with the next available ophthalmologist to allow for more efficient scheduling and faster access to care.
  • What can I expect during my appointment?
    You can expect to be at the clinic for up to 2 hours. Your pupils will likely be dilated, which means your vision will be blurry and light sensitive for a few hours after your appointment. We do not recommend driving after your appointment, so please arrange for someone to drive you home, or additionally, you can choose to walk or take public transit. We recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses with you to help with the light sensitivity after dilation.
  • I have seen a doctor at this practice before, can I call for an appointment?
    No, if you have not been seen by the doctor in the last 6 months then you will likely require a new referral from a physician or optometrist. There are some exceptions to this, usually if you require ongoing care, you will not need a referral and your next appointment would have been booked by the team at the end of your last appointment.
  • I would like to see an ophthalmologist, can I just call for an appointment?
    No, a referral is required and this must come from a Medical Doctor or an Optometrist. We only take referrals by fax. Once you have been referred to the practice, someone from our booking team will call you with a scheduled appointment. Please do not call the office about new patient appointments. If you have concerns about the urgency of your appointment you can: raise this with the referring doctor who can let us know the urgency has increased, or if you believe your eye condition is an emergency, please go to the emergency department.
  • Will I get a prescription for glasses when I am at my appointment?
    No, the ophthalmologists at our office are focused entirely on eye surgery and eye disease, we do not prescribe glasses. Please seek care with an optometrist if you require a glasses prescription.
  • My appointment has been rescheduled. What's up with this?
    We understand that this can be frustrating. Rescheduled appointments and delays at the office do happen. Our ophthalmologists provide emergency coverage to several hospitals and availability for appointments often change based on factors beyond our control. Please know, everyone is doing the best they can to get you your appointment as soon as possible.
  • How long is the wait? I have been referred but I don't have an appointment, when will I be seen?
    At this time, non surgical referrals will be booked within 4 - 6 months.
  • I had cataract surgery on one eye. What about my other eye?
    If you require cataract surgery in your other eye, either because of a cataract or because you feel off balance with your glasses prescription having only one eye done, your doctor will discuss this with you at your one week appointment.
  • When can I get glasses after cataract surgery?
    We recommend you book an appointment to see your optometrist 6 weeks after surgery.
  • I had my surgery recently. Why do my eyes feel irritated?
    Some irritation is common after surgery. Using artificial tears can be helpful. If your surgery was more than 2 weeks ago, you can use a warm compress on your eyelids before bedtime, this will help with comfort and reduce tearing.
  • How long does my lens last?
    Lens implants are permanent and will last your lifetime. Sometimes a film can form on the back of the lens and a simple laser procedure called laser capsulotomy can be done to improve vision.
  • What is your cancellation Policy?
    There is a $100.00 fee for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment and a $100.00 fee for no-show appointments. There is a $200.00 fee for cancellations within 48 hours of surgery date.
  • What should I do if I see new floaters and flashing lights after cataract surgery?
    Call the office at 604-564-0254 for an appointment.
  • What do I do with my glasses after cataract surgery?
    Your prescription will be different after surgery. You can have the optometrist replace the lens of your glasses with plain glass.
  • What if I am having trouble reading after cataract surgery?
    Needing glasses for reading after surgery is normal and expected. You can use a pair of over-the-counter readers after surgery until you see your optometrist.
  • I had cataract surgery and paid money. What were my payments for?
    Cataract surgery is covered by the government (MSP). If you chose a lens with special features, the payment covers: • Advanced testing relating to a lens that has special features that you opted for (i.e. correction of astigmatism, extended range of focus, or personalized depth of focus) which is payable to the physician. • The cost of the lens which is payable to the surgical facility.
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